SPECIALISING IN building self-CONFIDENCE & life transitions


I help client work through Confidence challenges & Life Transitions, with ease, intention, clarity, and results.

My coaching is for individuals who are serious about making changes in their life and want to gain professional support & guidance to ensure they get the results they are longing for.

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Coaching for change, success & fulfilment in your life.

As a specialist Confidence & Life Transition Coach, I will help you look at life with a fresh perspective. We identify where you want to be, explore what’s holding you back & help you move forward with certainty, clarity & results.

I utilize evidence-based coaching models and methodologies rooted in positive psychology, adult learning techniques, neuroscience and change theories to ensure my clients achieve the results they are looking for.

You can book me for one-to-one coaching, workshop facilitation and guest speaking. You can also access my latest PODCAST, or sign up for my online confidence building course, The Self Series.

QUICKLY DISCOVER HOW my unique COACHING process CAN HELP YOU, WITH my 15 Second Coaching Questions


Learn How To Get More From Your Life

You’re invited to join Rebecca Sparks one her brand new Confidence Podcast!

Each month, Rebecca will be diving into the ‘C’Bombs of Self-Confidence, the need-to-know topics to help you better understand, explore, develop & most *importantly* master your self-confidence a variety of topics.





“I could not recommend Rebecca more highly. She has coached me through a transition point in my life after having children and helped me create a path forward with my career plans. Her caring approach allowed me to move forward at my own pace and provided me with clear direction to achieve my future goals.

Bec has really helped me regain focus, direction and a strong sense of self. After having 2 beautiful children and taking time away from my career I found myself a little lost and lacking in confidence. After completing my time with Bec I am feeling so clear in who I am independent of my children and I am ready to take the steps to start my own business -something I was too scared to do even before children.”


Carly Lutz

“Rebecca has been a joy to work with. Having been her client for the past three months, Rebecca has supported me through a career and life transition and has helped me see myself in a more capable, confident light. As a recent college graduate navigating the pains, reality checks, and challenges that come with young adulthood, I am so grateful that I have had Rebecca by my side. 

Rebecca’s very personal, thoughtful, and values-centered approach to coaching has inspired me to self-reflect, formulate action steps to realize my goals and pursue life with a true sense of patience, gratitude, and authenticity.

I recommend Rebecca to anyone who feels ‘stuck’ in any capacity, and to anyone who needs a ‘professional sounding board’ to help you better define your own priorities, areas for growth, and strengths. 

My newfound sense of confidence and the positive insights and habits that I’ve acquired during my time with Rebecca will guide me throughout the rest of my life.”


“I’m so grateful for meeting Rebecca. When I approached Rebecca, I was experiencing significantly low levels of self-esteem, I was guilty about the idea of ever putting myself first and completely unclear on who I was (as a new mum) She has been a constant for me during this time. 

With Rebecca’s help, Ive been able to feel like myself again and also strip away all the baggage & lack of confidence which was holding me back . Also, I feel confident in my planning for the future and excited to see it unfold. I put in a lot of effort into our coaching and Rebecca did the same. 

Rebecca always came prepared and offered me some amazing insights into my self, which I did not know before. I would recommend her for coaching without reservation”



“I found my experience with Bec super positive and helpful.  I reached out to Bec to get clarity and advice around some professional and personal worries.

 Bec made me feel comfortable and at ease as we worked through my confusion. She was professional and passionate about getting to the bottom of how I was feeling at that point in my life, and had a unique ability to extract thoughts and feelings of mine that I wasn't even aware of.  

With her guidance I was able to take the appropriate steps to get out of my rutt and be proactive in getting a clearer head and more purposeful path for my future.  I would definitely recommend Bec, she is a total #girlboss”


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