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Deep down you are an ambitious women, capable of more than you currently have in your life.


Self-doubt? Uncertain of what brings you fulfilment?
Existing responsibilities? Lacking self-belief? Fear?
Not having a plan? Procrastination? Lack of mentorship & support?

You feel ready to make some important changes in your life but you're missing the clarity, confidence and steps to do so.

You want to have more freedom, fulfilment and joy in your life & in what you do - but you keep asking yourself- can I really have all these things? 

And my answer is...

Private coaching

So what's holding you back?

Yes you can!!!

It's time you finally did that thing you've always wanted to do! Fix that problem you've been experiencing for far too long!
Stop kicking the ball down the road on your goals! And start feeling great in your day-to-day life! And the best news is, 
I can help you successfully make these changes.

Real talk:

You don't have to do it alone, so let's Talk!


- Thought & Emotional Management
- Self Doubt & Self-Belief
- Building Resilience & Self Trust
-Confident Communication skills
-Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
-Managing Self- Sabotage
- Setting Boundaries
- Becoming a person on influence


- Navigating Big Career Changes
- Rebuilding a Fulfilling Life & Career
-Moving from Corporate to starting a new Business
- Finding a more fulfilling Career
- Choosing a Career for the first time
- Returning to Work after Maternity


- Become a confident & respected leader 
- Strategically plan your next promotion
-Communicate with confidence & influence
-Develop their professional Brand
- Leadership Soft Skill Development
-Remove Imposter Syndrome
-Transitioning into a new Leadership Role
-Negotiate a competitive salary or raise



I've spent the last 8 years helping women, just like you, make necessary changes in their life, become more confident in who they are AND achieve significant growth in their career & personal life.

I can help because...

THESE BIG ChangeS OCCURRED when MY CLIENTS opened THEMSELVES up to trying new ways of thinking & approaches,as well as decluttering what was no longer serving them!

Coaching can help you, 


(in absolutely any area of your life!)


(from draining, to a place of empowered enjoyment & balanced fulfilment)


(know your 'why', know your purpose and begin to feel the fire in your belly)


(which will have you grow 3x faster than your colleagues & peers)


(learning to communicate with power, certainty & confidence, regardless of your audience)


(to feel bloody amazing, more fulfilled and exciting - instead of scary, stuck and stagnant)


(which will have you screaming at the top of your lungs with excitement!!)

“Rebecca has guided me through recent years with great wisdom, empathy and structure. 

My growth journey with Rebecca has been full of unexpected and tremendously helpful revelations, and I look forward to more of those in the future!”

- Eva

Being seen as a confident, influential & authentic role model to those around you.

How does this sound?

Transitioning into a career which will bring your joy, fulfilment AND meet your financial needs!



the results you're going to get:

Being super proud of the women you see in the mirror


Kicking that imposter syndrome & self-doubt in the A** & feeling confident in who you really are.


Setting, planning and hitting your Goals (and feeling amazing about it!)


"I have had the absolute privilege to be coached by Rebecca Sparks for the past year"

Rebecca is everything you want in a life and leadership coach. She is caring, empathetic and empowering. Through our coaching Rebecca has helped me to strip back the layers that have built up over the years and make sense of what is important to me by respectfully challenging me to let go of what no longer serves me and helping me to build healthy beliefs and behaviours. 

I have learned so much about myself, what i want and who I want to be. Thank you Rebecca! 

Lisa - Developing Leader 

Yes, Coaching Really Works!

"Working with Rebecca sparks has been the best investment for my personal growth"

 I had always been a confident person, full of life and zest. but, after having successfully battled breast cancer, I found myself having to re-boot my direction and all of my plans for retirement. I needed professional help with confidence, direction, motivation, inspiration, planning and accountability, for all of my goals"

Magdelena - Photographer

"In every other area of my life I wanted the best, but for some reason, my professional life was the only area that I did not think required professional guidance.

Enter: Rebecca Sparks who, with our first session, was already able to elevate my thinking around career and work/life balance in a way that was cathartic and eye-opening to say the least.  I will be forever grateful to Rebecca Sparks.”

Jill - Founder of Big Happy Family

“Working with Rebecca has been a truly transformational experience.
We connected so easily and I immediately felt comfortable opening up to her about the personal challenges I was facing.

Her caring approach allowed me to move forward at my own pace and provided me with clear direction to achieve my future goals.”

Bec - Teacher & Creative

"Since working with Rebecca I have learned how to work smarter not harder, I'm growing my self confidence and self worth, and I’m consistently feeling excited about what my future holds

I'm finally developing habits I'd never been successful in cementing before. I can't recommend her enough!”

Sarah - Working Mum

“I could not recommend Rebecca more highly. She has coached me through a transition point in my life after having children and helped me create a path forward with my career plans"

Her caring approach allowed me to move forward at my own pace and provided me with clear direction to achieve my future goals.”

Heidi- Business Owner

Carly- Marketing Professional

“Rebecca has been a joy to work with. Having been her client for the past three months, Rebecca has supported me through a career and life transition and has helped me see myself in a more capable, confident light.

As a recent college graduate navigating the pains, reality checks, and challenges that come with young adulthood, I am so grateful that I have had Rebecca by my side"

Is Coaching Right For You?

I need to finally make time for...

I'm Tired of feeling overwhelmed bY...


I'm Fed up of ALWAYS...

I'm Finally ready to...

Fill in the gaps...

I know I'm capable of...

Not everyone is the right fit for coaching, so please book in a free consultation so that I can better understand your coaching needs & goals

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Is that a yes?

“Rebecca's knowledge and personality make her an absolute pleasure to deal with. During what has been an incredibly difficult few years Rebecca worked with our team to offer career coaching to a number of our staff who unfortunately left the business.

Rebecca's perspective and insights were truly eye opening and every one of our team was in a better place to move their careers forward after our sessions. Can't recommend Rebecca enough.”

- Steve Gibson

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