“I help clients embrace transitions, overcome challenges & proactively move through change in their life with clarity, confidence & to achieve meaningful results”.



Hi There! My name is Rebecca Sparks & I’m qualified & certified Life Coach who specialises is life transitions, values alignments, personal empowerment & emotional fulfilment. I’m also the Founder & CEO of The Daily Guru, a global platform focused on Growth & Development for aspiring Women.

Today my time is spent as a; 
- Leadership & Life Coach
- Member of the Forbes Coached Council  
- Founder & CEO of The Daily Guru  
- National Committee Member for UN Women
- Professional Speaker 

I have always seen Growth and Development as vital parts of anyone’s health and happiness and also one of the most rewarding experiences we can all embrace. This philosophy underpins all of the work I do.



Whether you’re looking to discover a career you love, build the confidence to make a change in your life, tackle a big goal or overcome a major setback, coaching is great resource during these important times of change!

Helping create change & tangible results in a clients life and career is something I’m hugely passionate about. I believe there is no greater gift than helping someone discover their hidden talents – the ones that make them unique and special.   I love the experience of sharing knowledge and information with clients which allows them to make different decisions for themselves, as well as helping them improve their overall life experience.

I believe there are certain times in everyone’s life, where we all need a helping hand to overcome obstacles and to decide what it is we actually want from life and our careers. Which is why I became a coach.

Through my coaching I utilize evidence-based coaching models and methodologies rooted in positive psychology, adult learning techniques, neuroscience and change theories to ensure that my clients achieve the results they are looking for


This is such an important question to ask before you engage with any coach. Working with a coach is like being in an intimate relationship. You have to be yourself and feel comfortable putting it all out there – your fears, your joys, your sadness – without any judgement or hesitancy. Only then will you get the most out of coaching and will your coach be of value to you.

So, am I the right coach for you?

- Are you looking to make changes in your life or career but you are missing the clarity and steps to do so?

- Have you been unhappy in your career for a while but are unclear on what to do about it?

- Do you have the desire to make some big changes in your life, but do not know where to start?

- Are you wanting to make a big change in your life, but feel very restricted by your other life commitments (Finance, Family, External Expectations)?

- Do you feel you need help discovering your true purpose and aligning this with your career goals?

- Have you experienced great success in your career, but no longer feel passionate about what you do and you are unsure what to do about it?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the questions above, then I would love to work with you.

These are specific career and life milestones which I specialise in within my coaching. Therefore, I would love to help you overcome these challenges and proactively help empower you as you move through these stages with ease, clarity and positive intention. 


I would describe my coaching style as;

·        Empowering
·        Considered
·        Results Driven
·        Empathic
·        Confidential
·        Transformative

My formal coaching qualifications are within Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy, as well as have 6 years’ experience in both the corporate and personal coaching environment.

This means I have a very flexible approach and can adapt to the requirements of the coaching client and environment.

Services & Pricing

Developing self-awareness, changing habits & behaviours and working through transitions doesn't happen overnight but with time and commitment, they do happen.

Coaching engagements are for a minimum of 3 months and consist of:

  • Weekly 1 hour sessions, held in person or via video conferencing

  • Assessments and customised action-steps between sessions

  • Access to Rebecca via email, text or quick phone calls between sessions for support

One-on-one coaching is an important and meaningful investment that requires a strong commitment and enthusiasm from the client.

Please email Rebecca for an introductory conversation if you think coaching is the right next step for you.



- Life Coaching Certification
- Foundations of Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Hypnotherapy  
- Masters of Neuro-Linguistic Programming  
- Graduate Cert in Business Management
- Advanced Cert in Public Speaking & Training
- Advanced Diploma in PR & Events  
- BA Joint HONS in International Studies & Media
- 11 Years experience working in Corporate, International Brands & Leadership
-6 Years working as an Entrepreneur, Coach & Speaker 
- Member of Forbes Coaching Council

Forbes Coaches Council Is an Invitation-Only Community for Leading Business and Career Coaches





— Lindsay Read - Lindsay Read Manager of Research at Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL)

“I recommend Rebecca for coaching without reservation. She has been a constant for me over the past 3 months as I was on maternity leave with my second baby. The result is an action plan for the next 10 years of my career that takes into account my personal values, career aspirations, and my desire to spend time with my growing family. I feel so much more confident in the track I am already. Also, I feel confident in my plan for advancing in my career and excited to see it unfold. I put in a lot of effort and Rebecca met me there. She came prepared for our coaching sessions as an active listener. She had carefully read my responses to the program modules and offered ideas and suggestions that were clearly tailored to my specific situation. We’ve had a great time meeting over these last couple months and I’ve decided to continue working with Rebecca even after our initial set of sessions ended.”

— Michelle Lyes - Career | Leadership | Coach | Workplace Wellbeing Consultant

“I was at a stage that I needed to get some ideas and thoughts about my career out of my head and into action. With the wonderful coaching, support, and encouragement from the inspirational Rebecca, my purpose, and career path is now clearly illuminated and I have a clear plan on how I am going to achieve it. I highly recommend reaching out to Rebecca if you are looking for a coach, you won’t regret it!!”



— Ariane Pickard - Internal Communications Manager at Cisco Meraki

“Rebecca did an outstanding job of preparing and coaching me for interviews in a job market that was new to me. I went into the interview process confident and well prepared and was ultimately successful. The great thing was the skills and methods Rebecca shared were transferable to other interviews and even life situations making it a real toolbox of skills to get what you want in life. ”

— Michelle Strese - MBA, CSM, CMS President at NAWMBA National Association of Women MBAs

“I made the decision to connect with Rebecca since her specialties are “Women Empowerment, Career Coaching, Leadership Coaching”. Which aligned up with what I wanted to focus on. My 2018 goal was to obtain the skills to better focus and stay deliberate in my approach and life going forward. What I received during my complementary session was beyond my expectations and was immediately able to apply into my next 90 days. After working with Rebecca only after a few additional coaching sessions, I am much clearer on my Purpose, Values, Gifts and Passions, which helps provide me with further insight and guidance into crafting adequate boundaries in my life/career and feeling fulfilled. I truly look forward to my continued work with Rebecca to further discover and deliver my very best and authentic self. I strongly recommend reaching out to Rebecca if you are looking for a coach that is truly passionate about your success and being the best you can be!!”



- Brittany Polk - Career Pivot from Accounts Associate to Creative Direction

Rebecca has been an integral part in helping me navigate the path I want to take in my career. She's very knowledgeable in her field as a career coach and helped me lay out the steps I needed to take. She's very relatable and helped me see that although we may go through issues in life, those issues should not stop us from being or seeking out the things we really want in life. I would recommend anyone who is looking to get back on track whether career wise or just achieving life goals in general to reach out to Rebecca!


Rebecca Sparks Values Alignment.png

Join Rebecca at General Assembly San Francisco, for a deep dive into your values & what makes you tick! During this working, Rebecca will share how to remove these barriers, which will allow you to begin to maximize your true potential!


- Gain clarity on your true core values

- Recognize areas of your life which are out of alignment (and why)

- Explore where limiting beliefs may be holding you back with particular goals & values

- Remove blocks, limiting beliefs and barriers, to allow your life to be aligned to your values and greater potential

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Rebecca has also curated an Online Course, called The Self Series, designed to help her clients overcome Self-Esteem challenges, feelings of Imposter Syndrome & to master Self Confidence.

This powerful course includes five incredible modules devoted to sharing the vital secrets and tools for knowing your self-worth


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