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I consider speaking to be important component of my work. I am available to present at events, host workshop and facilitate sessions.

My style is purposeful, empathetic, challenging, focused and engaging. I’ve spoken at events in Australia and across America ,for industry conferences, team building sessions and leadership workshops, on subjects to suit their needs and interests. Below is a sample of the work I share.


The power to empower.

Rebecca shares keynote sessions and workshops on how overcome adversity, conquered major obstacles & master your self-confidence - regardless of life circumstances . In order to be accepted by others, we must first accept ourselves first. This is the power to empower.


Rebecca shares her coaching practise of removing self-doubt and subconscious obstacles, to help her audiences get out of their own way & achieve success. Rebecca also speaks on;

  • Curating Authentic Self Confidence.

  • Navigating Life Transitions

  • Whats your true identity? A deep discovery workshop.

  • Proposals available upon request



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DATE: 30th July

TIME: 18.30 -20.00


About This Event

During these events, Rebecca Sparks, Life Transition Coach, will help you explore your current levels of confidence and self-esteem and what could be negatively impacting these key areas for you.

Your level of self-confidence can show in many ways: your behavior, your body language, how you speak, what you say, and so on. Rebecca will help you explore the conscious and subconscious factors impacting your confidence levels and how this is being displayed throughout your life. Rebecca will then provide tactical steps to begin overcoming these barriers.

Rebecca will share how to remove barriers, to help you begin experiences true & authentic self-confidence!

This event will help you:

  • Gain clarity on what confidence is and what it isn't

  • Help you build awareness of your own unique and authentic self-esteem criteria

  • Recognize areas of your life which are impacting your self-esteem and confidence

  • Remove blocks and barriers, to allow you to begin feeling for confident in who you are