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At its core, Coaching is a partnership between a client and a coach who are both solely focused on the client and their needs/goals.

As a coach, it’s my job to connect you with your true self; to help you remove internal & external roadblocks, whilst building awareness around your identity, core needs, self-confidence, and your life goals.

I do this by getting to know you. By holding up a mirror to your internal beliefs & default thinking and by helping you unravel the challenges which have arisen in your life & to help you move forward. I help you look at life with a fresh perspective.

To identify where you want to be, what’s holding you back & to then help you move forwards.

If you’re serious about committing to the process, Coaching can be one of the most rewarding & life-changing experiences.

Session by session you develop your emotional intelligence, explore new possibilities for your potential, combat roadblock, build positive self-esteem and activate your goals.

My job as your coach is to support you, challenge you and encourage you.  It’s also my job to tease out the truth in order to empower you to make wise choices about the rest of your life.


This is such an important question to ask before you engage with any coach. Working with a coach is like being in an intimate relationship.

You have to be yourself and feel comfortable putting it all out there – your fears, your joys, your sadness – without any judgement or hesitancy.

Only then will you get the most out of coaching and will your coach be of value to you.

So, am I the right coach for you?

- Have you struggled with self-confidence and are seeking professional support to improve your self-esteem and build your self-confidence?

- Are you looking to make important changes in your life but you are missing the clarity and steps to do so?

- Have you felt challenged for a while, feeling like the same obstacles keep arising in yourself and no matter what you do, nothing seems to change?

- You no longer like or recognise the person you see in the mirror and are you looking for help to discover your true self & identity?

- Have you been unhappy in an area of your life for a while but are unclear on what to do about it?

- Do you have the desire to make some big changes, but do not know where to start?

- Have you experienced great success in your life, but no longer feel passionate about what you do and you are unsure what to do about it?

- You often look at other peoples lives and they have it all together & going for them and you now want to feel the same about your own.

If you’ve answered yes to any of the questions above, then I would love to work with you.

These are specific career and life milestones which I specialise in within my coaching. Therefore, I would love to help you overcome these challenges and proactively help empower you as you move through these stages with ease, clarity and positive intention.

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If you’re ready, Coaching can help you unlock your potential and become your very best self.

I work with those who want to make major changes in their life, those in transition, those who know exactly what they want and those who have absolutely no idea.

You will need to work hard, as coaching is a commitment. Taking control of your life, breaking old habits, building new ones and developing new ways of thinking isn’t always easy but the results are 100% worth every minute. This coaching will allow you to experience a new freedom and a deep sense of confidence in who you are.




At its core, coaching is a partnership between the client and the coach who are both focused solely on the client and their goals.

It is an expansive & thought-provoking process which guides and empowers you to shift your perspectives and enhance your potential.

Before you begin, it is important to understand the difference between Coaching and other service professions such as counselling, therapy and mentoring. Unlike Counselling & Therapy, Coaching does not spend much time focusing on the past but, instead, on your roadmap from the present to your future. It is focussed around the client setting their objectives/goals, working through the barriers and obstacles, creating outcomes and managing personal change, all with the support and guidance of the coach.

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Developing self-confidence, changing habits & behaviours and working through transitions doesn't happen overnight but with time and commitment, they do happen.

Coaching engagements are for a minimum of 3 months and consist of:

  • Weekly 1 hour sessions, held in person or via video conferencing

  • Assessments and customised action-steps between sessions

  • Access to Rebecca via email, text or quick phone calls between sessions for support

  • ACCESS TO REBECCA’s Online Coaching portal which will track & document your growth journey

One-on-one coaching is an important and meaningful investment which requires a strong commitment and enthusiasm from the client.

Rebecca only works with 10 clients at ONE time, to ensure they receive the time, attention and focus needed to meet their coaching goals.

Please click the button below to schedule a free introductory call with Rebecca if you think coaching is the right next step for you and to learn more about the coaching options.